Monday, August 22, 2011


You may know me from my other blog Bright Side of the Moon, but I deleted this blog because I thought it was time for a new start so I made this blog The Restless Nights.
On the photos above you can see some of my favorite stuff.
(1) My Prada wallet, my dad bought me this once and I'm still totally in love with it.
(2) Nelly Zhob heels, all I can say is that I'm in love with them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to wear them this summer because of the weather in the Netherlands, it sucked.
(3) Vintage hat, nothing to tell about this one, only that I'm in love with it haha.
(4) Vintage leather jacket, I think everybody needs a good leather jacket. I don't own that many jackets, but I'm considering buying more leather jackets


  1. Following here too! And I'm agreeing with your statement that everyone needs a nice leather jacket. I just have two (a red and a black one) but I'm glad I've got 'em every time it's getting autumn.
    Also love your shoes and hat!

  2. ahhh love all these!!! Great photography! :)